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architecte paysagiste connu

Landscapes by Damien Derouaux
INTUITUM, means the act of watching carefully in latin




  "Le jardin des solitudes"

INTUITUM is this year selected to show a garden at the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival "Jardin de Paradis" Go visit it... 

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  "A cottage in the fields" - Schematic design sketch

Schematic design for a cottage house... 

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An un executed garden design... #oldfile

  "The architect's house" - Schematic design sketch
More sketches and details

  "Form research" -work on clay

Design & research

  "An Urban Garden" - Schemtatic design sketch

Functions - Intimacy - Vegetables - Views

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  "A garden in the woods" - Schematic design plan

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PASADENA HERITAGE Bench  By Intuitum__#w

  "Pasadena Heritage bench" - Design research

Design research for a timeless bench "Bench with Attitude" More sketches and details

  Wooden Fence - Privé garden

Handmade Fence to separate spaces. More sketches and details

Une terrasse_#boisgris  #firstyear #intu

  Wooden Passage - Privé garden

Passage between the lavander to connect two terraces. More sketches and details

  Escape the city - How to develop high quality living space in cities
More sketches and details

pers fusion.jpg

  A green alcove
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