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Landscapes by Damien Derouaux


INTUITUM from the classical latin Intuiri, means the action of looking carefully.



Our ideal garden is a place where the user is getting lost. A living space where boundaries disappear, an nourishing oasis where only the intuition is the guide, a place respectful of the values of tomorrow. Following all those aspects, it becomes a sanctuary, an escape, a refuge...

We tent to offer living space reconciling context, utility, poetry and aesthetics. In order to deliver always the most adequate ideas, INTUITUM collaborates with various professionals connected to the landscape architecture industry. we like to work in a multi skills team. We are currently working with artists, historians, urban farmers, nurseries and many others to offer unique and innovative ideas.

Our mission is to offer solutions to our customers from the schematic design until the delivery on site. INTUITUM is headed by Damien Derouaux. Open internationally, our main clients are private, public institutions or real estate development companies. ​

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