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Landscapes by Damien Derouaux

Le jardin des solitudes

In the idea of a multidisciplinary work experience, INTUITUM worked toghether with the Antwerp's urban planner Sven Augusteyns to compete at Chaumont. We are selected to participate to the edition 2019 of the international garden festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire FRANCE, "Paradise Gardens".

Our garden received the PRIZE FOR A TRANSPOSABLE GARDEN by a jury composed of renowned personalities in the world of gardens.. This award is giving to the garden the most inspiring to the visitors to use, create or sublimate their own garden.

Although the notion of paradise varies from person to person, it may lead to the experience of perfect solitude. In this garden, visitors are encouraged to follow their intuition and listen to their own desires.

Some various plant settings and ground works where some benches call them to stop by and rest. Surrounded by nature, they are retreated for a moment to meditate and let their mind wander.