© 2019
Landscapes by Damien Derouaux

A cottage in the fields

The property is located in the middle of the fields on top of a smooth hill dominating a breathtaking landscape. Some view windows are open to the landscape to control the power of a huge panorama. The landscape can be now discovered step by step and becomes part of the garden. Some pieces of hedges are planted in the boundaries to remind the old agricultural techniques. It gives as well a feeling of maturity to the garden and protect of the wind.

The functions are combined and integrated. For example, the tool house is integrated in an hedge circus for the the dog. Some windows are created trhough the hedge for an interaction of the dog in the garden activities. 

The vegetable garden is surrounded by hedges and fences in a circle shape… the fence will protect the vegetable from the boars, that come more and more close to the houses. The hedges will also create a microclimate, good for the development of the vegetables

The main terrace is disconnected of the house to optimize sun exposure.

Following a path dying into the landscape, the user is invited to an extra room at the end of the garden. It’s like a secret garden, bit higher and protected by a massive planting, it opens to the landscape. This is an hidden contemplative garden.