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Landscapes by Damien Derouaux

a green alcove


An enclosed space in a city center, Paris



"Hidden in a green alcove"

Here is proposed a refreshing oasis of greenery in a closed city garden. A  bathing space is integrated in the green for a use during the hot summer days. 2 big stone blocks are incorporates. They are used as rounded banquettes both the bath and the terrace. The are hidding the edges. The other sides of the basin are concealed by mounds planted with riverbank vegetation. Cut masses create a contrast with the wild side and intimidate the bathing space of the interior spaces. those masses also provide a structure for the winter.

The selection of aquatic plants is motivated by aesthetics, oxygenation and filtration. These plants are planted in perforated baskets for simple and easy maintenance. These baskets are placed on studs to best respect their optimal planting depths.

A pump and UV filtration system guarantees clear water all year round and could allow the fish company.

A : Equisetum hyemale                         Profondeur: 0 > -5cm

B : Anemopsis californica                     Profondeur: 0 > -5cm

C: Saururus cernuus                             Profondeur: 0 > -20cm plante épuratrice

D: Nymphaea ’Hollandia’                       Profondeur: -30 > -60cm

E: Cyperus papyrus                                Profondeur: 0 > -20cm  

F: Iris pseudoacorus ‘Holdens Child’    Profondeur: 0 > -5cm     plante épuratrice

G: Typha laxmannii                                 Profondeur: 0 > -20cm

H: Vallisneria americ